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Helen asks…

USA visa application?

I am fr HK and will visit Alaska and LA. Where can I obtain information for applying a visa ? What documents will be needed ? How long does it take ? How is the procedure ?
Thx ! Visited the web and found I had to upload a photo for my visa application. Really don’t know how to do it. Can any photo taking company help (I live in Quarry Bay) – any recommendation ?

Best Answer:

You apply for a US visa from the US Consulate, you can go online and make an appointment first.

In order to be approved, most probably you need to show assets including bank statement, proof of investment and property and/or a stable well paying job. This is because the US government would suspect any person without those could easily overstay the visa to work illegally in the US. It could take a few weeks. 祝 你 好 運!

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