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Joseph asks…

Question about getting a student VISA?

I’m a US student studying in Spain next semester and need to get a student VISA. I have my passport, but the consulate asks for two passport-sized photos also. Do these have to be the same photo as on my passport or can they be different? I don’t have any copies of that specific photo, so can I just go to Walgreen’s and take another photo?

Best Answer:

When a consulate of a European country talks about passport-sized photo they are talking about the European passport photograph size 35 mm x 45 mm or 1 3/8 ” x 1 3/4 “. The photographs must be current, in general not taken longer than 6 months ago. Get to Walgreen’s or CVS and ask for a British passport photograph, they are the same size. Also make sure that you apply for the visa well in advance. Since the processing requires consultations with the local authorities in Spain it can take 8-10 weeks before a student visa is processed. You can apply for the visa up to three months prior to your proposed travel date..

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