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Linda asks…

What photos in the bay area do pictures for EU ID cards?

I need a photo for ID card(not passport) that meets the requirements for the EU.
Please give me the names of the photos that do that.

Best Answer:

That’s a real problem!
EU passport photos all require the same size (1 3/8″ x 1 3/4″ or 35 x 45 mm). If you go to Walgreen’s or CVS and ask for a British passport photograph they will mostly be able to get them for you.
British sample: ..
German sample: ..
Italian sample: ..

However the size of the photograph for a national ID card is dependent upon the EU country in which it is issued. You need to tell US the country for which you are entitled to get an ID and we might be able to provide details. It looks like that you need to get to a professional photographer to have the pictures taken which comply to the ID card requirements of your EU home country, unless they are the standard 35x45mm size.

Good luck!

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