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Requirements for a Switzerland Tourist Visa for an Indian Student Studying in US?

i am an Indian Student currently staying in US, (buffalo to be precise); i have a friend(also indian) who is on-site in zurich working for the ZKB on the behalf of Infosys(an indian Company). I want to visit him for 7 days on my trip to india from US. My plans are basically US to Switzerland (zurich) visit him for 7 days and then fly to India. Can anyone tell me what is the required procedure both from my sides and from his side?

Best Answer:

In my opinion as I live in Swiss… Your friend needs to send an invitation letter to the Embassy or the consulate in US saying … He’ll take care of your lodging and fooding and take responsibility to send you out from the country. He should send his resident permit like Permit B’s photo copy along and a prove of his salary that he can take care of you. U can coolect all the mentioned papers above and …

Then, you can go to Swiss Embassy or Consulate in US and apply for the same giving your reason to visit Swiss. U can call up and directly check here:
Consulate Buffalo
Consulate of Switzerland
199 Bridle Path
Williamsville, NY 14221
United States of America
Phone * 001 716 633 4430


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