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Donald asks…

Can Walmart print digital photos? Need an answer ASAP.?

I need to have two identical pictures to apply for my proof of citizenship from Canada. I was wondering if I take my digital camera to Wal Mart, will they be able to print the photos on it? It’s a digital camera. If not, can they possibly take photos off of an iPhone 5s? Any help would be appreciated and I need to know ASAP

Best Answer:

Walmart certainly can print photos, but chances are VERY high that your phone photos won’t be accepted.
Government requirements are strict about this, and I highly doubt your photos are good enough for them.

I wrote the following for someone who asked about passport photos, and for US photos at that, but much of it still applies to you, anyway.

Have a ready through it…. It should help you a lot:

It is normally recommended to get passport photos done by a professional passport service, but it often is possible to do them yourself if you are willing to make the considerable effort to follow instructions and do it properly. If you don’t do it to their exact specifications, your photo will be rejected and you have to start all over again.

Since you didn’t specify which country’s passport you are applying for, I’ll assume you must be American (yes, there ARE other countries in this world and on YA, too).

Governments provide websites to do with passports, visas, and all the requirements for those, including photos.

Here are the pages you need for a US passport photo:

Basic requirements:
Photographer’s Guide:
Photo composition template:
Photo examples:

When it comes to printing, I usually print quite a few slightly different options of the same photo because something always seems to go wrong, and the printer result always seems to look a bit different than I thought it would, so I might as well fill the page with options and pick the best one.
• Always do pairs of everything, since you mostly will require TWO identical photos in the end
• Try slightly different crops and slightly different sizes
• Make some a little lighter and some a little darker (unless your printer always gives you exactly what you see on your monitor)
• Crop and print the photos a tiny bit bigger than requirements, then cut it to the exact size with your scissors (or a decent paper cutter, which looks better)
• Having more options will save you having to go back and do it again
• Once you have a good result, write down the details of what you did that went RIGHT, to save you time if you need more photo at a later stage.
• If you’re handing in the photos and the application form in person, bring along several pairs of photos and let the employee choose which one suits best.

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