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Donald asks…

Etruscan Brothers Inc?

I have been offered a employment contract, terms are too generous and too good to be true. Anyone can help ? I have checked over the internet for such company, it only show some photos of oil pipe thing. They asked me to do the visa and work permit thro’ the west africa travels inc. I am suspecting this is a fraud.
I have sent a copy of the contract to the US Embassy in Ghana for verification.

Best Answer:

I went and Googled the name and got this result:
Etruscan Brothers Inc Accra Ghana/West-Africa Travel/Job Scam …
Dec 13, 2008 … The management of ETRUSCAN BROTHERS INC. Wishes to inform you, … Hence, ETRUSCAN BROTHERS INC. Seeks to employ your services for the … – 14 hours ago –

Then I went here and got this result:
EtruscanEtruscan Brothers Inc Accra Ghana/West-Africa Travel/Job Scam

email address:
This email address is blacklisted here:

This email is the same as the Lohan Brothers Construction LTD
job scam posted here, using also the same phone number : +233240531875…ad.php?t=22310
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I would very cautious about this company.
Good Luck.

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