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Question About US Visa Processing Time In India

Paul asks…

H1 Resource Changing jobs in US for green card processing – Safe now?

I am in US on a H1 visa .. via an Indian Company
I would like to get my green card processed. But looks like my company does it only rarely.
Safer…i am planning to move to a different company in US.
Do Indian companies in US process green cards. If so, which companies do that?
Is it safe to move to a different company .. maybe a US based company in this economic condition? (heard that the economy is better now)
Or is it safer to stay with my company and go back to India?

Best Answer:

Indian based companies almost never process for green cards. Why should they spend the $14,000 it takes when there are thousands more engineers in India that want to get an H-1B themselves. Besides, right now, if they try to do the labor certification, they will find a US citizen willing to do the work and your green card will be declined.

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