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Joseph asks…

Marrying a filipina working in Singapore?

I am interested to know about the K1 visa process. I want to sponsor a filipina in Singapore. She is working as a caregiver in Singapore. She has a valid work permit for 2 years. Can I apply for her visa through the Singapore American Embassy? What other documents will she need from the Philippines if any?

Best Answer:

If you’re a US citizen, then you can petition your fiance. If your a permanent resident, you have to marry her first.

Your petition will not be sent to the singapore US embassy… It will be sent to a service center here in the US. But since she’s in singapore, once it’s approved by the USCIS service center, then it will be forwarded to the embassy in singapore. She can then go through the stuff there.

Uhm… I didn’t go through a fiance visa but a spousal visa… But i’m thinking the same documents will be needed. She needs her birth certificate… And police clearance. I think that’s all the documents that she needs from the philippines. Her family back home can get it for her though. That’s what mine did. I did have to send my old police clearance and photocopies of ids to my family in order for them to obtain the police clearance. As for my birth certificate, i have it with me.

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