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Question About US Visa Processing Times

Susan asks…

How much time will take to finish Administrative Process Pending 221 (g) US Visa?

I attended My Visa Interview for students F1 on 20th July at Mumbai, India, I was asked all kind of questions i answered them all and finally gave a yellow slip with my case number of 221(g) which mentions admisnitrative processing pending, i dont know how much time will it take, and they are saying not to communicate them before 60 days,but my date of joining is in 40 days.

Best Answer:

There is no real answer for you.Administrative processing is a catch all term that is used for a number of different situations, and we can’t know which one applies to you. They do make every effort to expedite student visa decisions, so chances are you’ll know in time to make your class. If you don’t, you’ll need to contact your school and let them know the situation.

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