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Question About US Visa Processing Times Jamaica

Jenny asks…

Visa question?

Is it possible for a person living in Jamaica, a person under 21 that is not married, we have put through her paper work and it is currently being processed by the US immigration, however is it possible for that person to still go to the embassy and apply for a visa? To come to the US regardless of the fact that the petition for a green card is currently being processed. If not is there anyway that person can come to the US, lets say through some form of documentation or anything, is there anyway for that person to still come to the US before the processing of the green card is completed?

Best Answer:

Yes, she can apply for a tourist visa at any time. However, she’ll have to qualify for the tourist visa just like anyone else from Jamaica.

If she gets the visa she’ll have to leave when directed to do so by CIS. Further, she’ll have to go back to Jamaica to get her immigrant visa in any case.

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