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Question About US Visa Processing Times Jamaica

Sharon asks…

can i a US citizen file a i130 for my stepson who is in jamaica?

i am a US citizen and want to know if it would be better for me a citizen to file for my stepson who is in jamaica to come to the US with the i130 form. he is 12 years old and his mother plans on moving to england and is ok with my stepson coming to the US to live with me and his father.. thanks and about how long does this take .. i would like to send it this week and hopefully go in december and bring him home with US.. his mother is leaving in january.. thanks !!

Best Answer:

Sure, it’s not a problem. Frank is totally off base on this one. However, even if you do file this week,there is no way the petition will be processed and approved and an interview scheduled in time for him to come to the US in December. These things typically take 8-10 months or so for an immigrant visa to be issued.

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