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Question About US Visa Processing Times Ottawa

Robert asks…

question about processing times?

i am Canadian and want to sponsor my husband who is an international student in the US. I was wondering how many months does it take to process the outside application; the application where he sends me his completed forms and documents, then I send them along with mine to the processing center in Mississauga. How many months does it take?

Best Answer:

If you wish to sponsor your husband you will use the information provided at the link below.

Since your husband is a person who likely has status in the US for at least a year then the application from outside Canada may be submitted through the pilot project in Ottawa and be processed in Canada rather than from his home country.

The average processing time for this application for 80 percent of cases is 29 days for the sponsorship assessment. As of now sponsorship applications from 29 May 2013 are being reviewed so count on about 2 months for this step to be completed. The if approved review of your husband’s application for PR will begin. On average that processing is taking about 12 months to complete. It is best to be prepared for this to take longer than the total combined 14 months average times posted and particularly now since there are some strikes of Foreign Service workers which may cause delay in parts of the processing.

During this time if your husband wants to visit you in Canada he is wise to carry with him copies of the applications submitted and proof of fees through receipts along with mailing receipts. This way when he is asked about coming to Canada he may be allowed to visit without the Border Services Officer finding that he may be seeking to live permanently in Canada without the necessary visa to do so.

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