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Paul asks…

Mexico to US visa? Chances? Requirements?

Hello I am a 14 year old mexican and need to know how to get a tourist or student visa to the united states. I heard that they don’t really accept student visas unless you are in college but I am only a freshman. If it helps, I know how to speak spanish, english and french. Are there any chances of me getting any of these visas and if so what are the requirements to apply for them and where do I do it. Thanks in advance.

Best Answer:

You are only allowed to go to a public school for 1 year. So if you are a freshman, you will have to pay about $11,000 for your first year of High School in the U.S., then you’ll have to transfer to a private school and it gets more expensive. I don’t think you want to do that, especially since the US school system sucks, big time, so forget the student visa, the F-1.

In order to get a visitor’s visa, the B2, you’ll need to convince the consular officer that there’s no way in heaven or hell that you would want to stay illegally in the U.S., like about 10,000,000 of your fellow Mexicans who are currently illegally residing in the United States. How you can do that I don’t know, but you’ll have to come up with a good strategy before applying.

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