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Question About US Visa Requirements For Canadian Permanent Residents

George asks…

Do Russian citizen with Canadian permanent resident card need visa to EU?

I am Russian citizen with Canadian Permanent resident card planning a trip to EU for the next summer. My questions is: how hard is to get tourist visa for Russian female who is living in Canada?

Best Answer:

Russian citizen need visa to visit any part of the European Union.
The purpose of the supporting documents is to allow the relevant authorities to assess whether the applicant fulfills the entry conditions and to assess the possible risk of illegal immigration and/or security risks. A third-country national subject to the visa obligation and legally residing in another third country whose nationals are exempted from the visa requirement (an Indian national residing in Canada or a Russian national residing in the United States) normally presents a very limited risk of illegal immigration to the Member States.
You will need one common Schengen visa which covers 22 EU countries and Iceland, Norway, Switzerland as well as the micro-states surrounded by Schengen countries (Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City). The visa needs to be applied for at the Embassy or Consulate General of the country in which you plan to stay for the longest time (main destination). Should no main destination exist it will be the country of first entry to which your application must be addressed. All applications can be submitted up to three months prior to the proposed travel date.
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Separate visa applications are required if you plan to visit the EU countries outside of the Schengen agreement: Bulgaria, Ireland, Romania, United Kingdom

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