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Question About US Visa Requirements For Canadian Permanent Residents

Mandy asks…

Canadian Permanent Resident working in US?

I recently graduated from college and I just sent out a couple of applications for jobs at banks in Canada and the US, for the Canada part there shouldn’t be any problem but for the US part, what documents do I need to work there? should I apply for a H1B or L Visa now? or wait until i get some response from the US employer, and ask them to arrange for the Visa? how long does it take (and what are the odds) to get the Visa?

also, what is the difference between a work permit and say H1B visa, do I need both?

ps. i am a Canadian PR for 8 years and I applied for citizenship last December,

best regards,

Best Answer:

The requirements for working in the US can be found at this official site below.You would not qualify for the L-1 status and it seems unlikely you would find a US bank willing to petition for you when US citizens would likely be available to fill available jobs. Http://

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