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Question About US Visa Requirements For Colombian Citizens

Paul asks…

Canada Visa for Colombian citizen with F-1 student US Visa?

Hello! The question is: our soccer team from Cleveland, OH is going to Toronto, Canada this Friday for 3 days Soccer competition (Great Lakes Cup). We have one player from Bogota, Colombia in our team. He has US F-1 student visa and he studies in community college. The International adviser in the college told him that he can cross the Canada border and come back to USA without problems with his I-20 and Colombia passport with US visa. Also International adviser wrote the letter that this player is going to play in Community College soccer team this Fall.
But we found information on this web that Colombian citizens should have a Canada Visa. We called Detroit, New York, and Washington offices and nobody can give US a clear answer if our player needs to get the Canada visa with the papers he already has.
Could anybody give US a clear information about this situation? Can our Colombian soccer player go to Canada and come back to USA with I-20, US F-1 visa, and letter from college?

Best Answer:

Your college adviser has only told what is required for a returning student to re-enter the United States. Read the one but last paragraph on returning students.
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To enter Canada the situation is different. Citizen of Colombia need a visa to enter Canada.
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The visa requirement is only waived for U.S. Lawful permanent residents who hold a Green Card; not for U.S. Visa holders.
Http:// (read page 12)

A visa application takes about a months.
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