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Question About US Visa Requirements For Hong Kong

Maria asks…

Visa requirement for staying in Hong Kong for over a year?

How difficult is it to get a residence visa for Hong Kong? I know that you do not need a visa if only staying 90 days (I’m a US passport holder) but if more than 6 months than the best visa is a residence visa.

Has anyone applied? What do I need?


Best Answer:

You have to apply the business visa or working visa when you stay longer than 3 months. You need a company to apply a working visa for you. And you can’t apply for your own and it can cost company about USD $13,000 for the visa and proof.

If you don’t want to get the business visa or working visa, you can leave Hong Kong every 3 months. You don’t need to fly back to the state. You only need to cross the broader to Shenzhen china by train. Then, return to Hong Kong on next train or next day. You can have another 90 days again. Also, you can apply China visa on the broader inside of the train station. It is very easy, but you can get a one time entry travel visa to china, and it costs about USD $80 each time.

If you would like to apply hong Kong citizenship, you can choose serveal options, and detail is shown as below:

investment immigation: USD $65,000, you can show that you invest on company or buy a house or apartment or shop or office.

Marriage immigration: Hong Kong government accepts every legal marriage certificates from all over the world. You can just get married with a HK girl in vegas, and it is a enough proof to HK government. HK government will give you a temportary resident, and after you stay in HK more than 7 years, you can get the HK passport and become a legal citizen.

Professional skill immigation: if you have any special skill, you can apply the residenet. However, the chance is very rare.

For living in HK, you can live in service apartment, and they don’t require any ID but a credit card. Personally, i think you don’t really need the ID for staying within 1 year. It is such as a wasting time, unless you really get a job in Hong Kong and they apply it for you.

The advantages of HK citizenship is much lower tax port, and HK passport is visa-free more than 130 countries. And you don’t need to apply visa to china all the time.

Good luck.

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