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Question About US Visa Requirements For Hong Kong

Laura asks…

Traveking from China to Hong Kong – Do you need a HK visa?

I am currently looking at moving to China through my work. If I do move to China, while I’m there I would like to visit Hong Kong. I know Hong Kong is part of China, but I also know that Hong Kong doesn’t operate the same way the rest of Mainland China does. So I was wondering if I would need a specific visa to visit Hong Kong from mainland China?
I’m a US citizen who will hold a Z work visa for China.

Best Answer:

This depends on your nationality which you have not told US. Check the Hong Kong visa requirements here: ..

You also must ensure that your visa for the Chinese mainland grants multiple entries; otherwise you need to get a Chinese re-entry permit before you can visit Hong-Kong.

■◙► A d d e d ( based on your additional details ):
U.S. Citizens are exempt from the Hong Kong visa requirement for a stay of up to 90 days.
Make sure that “02” or “M” is entered in the first right column of your Chinese visa.

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