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Chris asks…

how can i apply a US VISA here in taiwan i am an OFW and my contract will end on january 2009?

i am a OFW here in can i apply a US VISA here?i am planning to have a vacation in USA after my contract here that will be on february 5,2009.what is the requirements needed?it is possible for me to get a VISA even i am under contract?

Best Answer:

Sorry, the US doesn’t need Filipina maids and babysitters if that’s what you are working as in Taiwan. OFW is Philippine Acronym for “Overseas Foreign Worker” for those that don’t know. Here in the US, neighborhood teenagers, teenage relatives, or elderly grandparents do the babysitting or the parents send their kids to a day care center rather than trusting their kids to some foreign stranger. Housecleaning in the US is done by the whole family if there’s “spring cleaning” or a “field day”. They can also hire a professional cleaning team if the house needs to be thoroughly cleaned of germs and bugs by experts. If you want to legally immigrate to the US, you need a sponsor (a relative or friend legally living the US) who earns $30,000 to $35,000 per year. They’ll be financially responsible for you while you’re living in the US. Or you need to have certain skills or educated background that a US company or workplace needs such as medicine (nurse or doctor), information technology worker, or a science profession. Or you’re a foreign businesses entrepreneur that wants to open businesses in the US and give jobs to Americans. Now if you’re planning overstaying or “vacation” or tourist visa in the US, it won’t work. You’ll be working in the underground economy like many illegal Mexican and Central American Indians. You’ll be caught and you’ll be deported out of the US. You won’t be able to return to the US for 10 years maybe permanently depending on the case.

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