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Carol asks…

What Visas are available to people waiting for their US petition I-130 to process?

I’ll be visiting my father (Born and bread US Citizen) in Hawaii this year, I am 22 years old, we will be applying for my citizenship together.

I know the wait is absolutely ridiculous, so long that my father may not be around when I have a visa number available to me..

So, is there any form of visa I have access to under these circumstances? A working visa is probably out of the question for me, as well as a student visa.

What else could I do? Would I be given a temporary number or card of some kind on the date of application? Is there a visa whereby my father could be my sponsor while I’m out there?

I’m British, un-married, no kids. Hope that helps!
So, there is no hope I can be in the US or with my Dad until I’m in the front of the que?
Andi! This makes total sense, supposedly I am automatically a citizen from birth according to the US Passport & Citizen unit and this document:

They JUST sent the email to me now, all I have to do is apply for a passport as I fit in to all of their requirements.

Best Answer:

From your description you are already a Dual Citizen US and UK by birth.
as such…

All you need to be doing is applying for your passport ?
With whatever the current ID requirements are (yes, incl proof of fathers citizenship)

as you are a US citizen (even if you have no passport yet),
then by US law you must enter and leave the US on your US passport.
(you can change during the flight to enter the UK on the UK one etc)

So not sure how you are going to be able to legally apply for your citizenship if you illegally entered the US – it’s not going to be the best start to the application.

Prepare it all while in Hawaii by all means, but make the application to the US embassy in UK when you get back.
At a practical level, they are likely to want an ID interview anyway, which will have to be booked and unlikely to be a short time from application – making it also unrealisticl to apply while on-vacation/short visit.

The application will also take time (potentially upto months), so where will they send the reply, and how will you enter the US to pick it up – if issued in the US – and leave on it, if you entered on a different one – which will now get an overstay record ?

You really need to discuss with the US embassy in UK or UCIS back home as to how to get it fast tracked – and it will be easier in the UK (now) with all your supporting documents at hand.

There you go 😉
way simpler than you thought (and way faster than a Alien Relative I-130 application)

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