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Question About US Visa Sponsor Income Requirements

Linda asks…

2nd Joint Sponsor for IR5 Visa?

My mother was interviewed for her immigrant visa. After the interview, the consular welcomed her and wished her goodluck in the united states. She paid the courier for visa delivery. A week later, she got a letter from the embassy asking for a joint sponsor, she submitted that, another week later, she got another letter asking for a 2nd joint sponsor. The 1st joint sponsor met the poverty guideline that they require. I want to know why they are asking for a 2nd sponsor. If we combine the petitioner and the 1st joint sponsor‘s income the total is much more than the poverty guideline requirements. We don’t know anyone else here whon we could ask for a 2nd joint sponsor. I would like to know what should we do? do we have to write a letter to our congressman here in georgia and if so, would they help US? the petitioner and the 1st sponsor are both american citizen. And it has been 2 years now since the petition was filed. Please, any suggestion will be very much appreciated!

Best Answer:

Have you tried contacting the immigrant visa section in Manila and asking them? It’s impossible to answer your question without actually seeing the two affidavits of support. But, in general, you can’t combine the income of the petitioner’s I-864 with the income of the joint sponsor to reach a total that goes over the amount required. The joint sponsor would need to show an income that is sufficient on its own. Plus, the joint sponsor would have to show sufficient income to support his own family. The only thing that is surprising here is that the interviewing officer didn’t realize your I-864 was insufficient at the time of the interview. You can contact your congressman about all this once you figure out who he is, but the rules for affidavits are a requirement under US law, so he won’t be able to make it go away. In the meatime, maybe you should start thinking about trying to find someone who can help you with an I-864.

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