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Question About US Visa Status Administrative Processing

Mark asks…

Administrative processing?

I had an interview on 2nd june for B1 visa,CO gave me yellow page with only ticking one box,that my case is delayed due to administrative process,will contact yu in 3 weeks,then send US passport.he said during this time yu can find details of yur case in case status option of our site,but the problem here is ,i cannot see my case number(153..) there,according to series the cases(154,157..etc) which were conducted after me are present there.
please help me im confused.well is there any chance of visa rejection after AP?

Best Answer:

The truth is it’s hard to say as the term administrative processing is used to cover a number of different situations and we can’t really know which one applies to you. However, if they told you you can expect to hear from them in 3 weeks, it’s probably not too serious, so try not to worry too much.

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