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Sharon asks…

Criminal history of foreigners in China?

How would someone find out if they have a criminal history in China. By China I mean PRC. If someone did something in China, and then left, how would anyone find out that person’s possible criminal history in China? Maybe an employer with a prospective employee who spent a lot of time in China. You have to know the employees you hire…
And Dr. Phil. Thank you. But if this document comes from China, how can an employer tell if it’s real? Especially when China is notorious for forged and false documents.

Best Answer:

In Canada and the USA, employers and others (volunteer groups and NGOs involved with youth, etc., for example) can request from a prospective employee or volunteer that they obtain a Criminal Record Check from the police’s central records. This record includes all criminal convictions, as well as stayed charges and pending charges that have not been settled in court. I believe that such records are also required from anyone who is applying for a work visa or any other immigration status in Canada and the US. So any employer has the right to make this a requirement before hiring or signing a contract with someone.

Edit: Good point. In Canada, the Criminal Record Form comes directly from the RCMP so the authenticity is guaranteed. I don’t know if you can obtain this directly from the Chinese authorities.

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