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Linda asks…

Japanese College Visa?

I am currently studying in Japan on a College student visa. My school semester ends in March 31st, and after that my school in America did not let me stay, so technically after April 1st I wont be a college student any more. My landing permit is good until August 26th of this year though, and I already changed my plane ticket to stay… The question is can I stay until August 26th?

Thank you in advance 🙂
I’m sorry, I want to know if I can stay- and I’m not gonna lie- I’m pretty nervous about staying. One of my friends is staying until the end of his visa, and we he’s got a student working visa so he’s working now that he’s here- and he’ll be working here until he leave, but neither him nor I are going to be in our school, or any school for the next semester. I met this one guy who told me that he went to a school in Kansai, and then just stayed for the next couple of months in Japan without going to school and it was okay… but I’m really nervous- so yeah if anyone could let me know what they know about this subject matter, or any personal experiences I would really appreciate it.

Thanks Again

Best Answer:

Your being a student in US does not matter one bit…
You could have another 10 years at a US college….
It is whether you are a student in a college in Japan that matters..
That is what the visa is for, to Reside and Study in Japan.

So although the visa allows studying on a course until Aug 26th
When your last course/formal study ends that is when the visa permision ends also.
Yes, there will be a few days/2-3 weeks of grace to leave in but the reason you are in Japan ended, so the visa is no longer valid as you are not in japan for that reason.

Nothing stopping you re-entering as a tourist.
And you would get a normal 3 month visa for that – but with tourist limitations (eg no work).

In reality, I doubt that Japan will be bothered about you remaining while you can pay for yourself and cause no trouble. If you left and cam back, then as you re-entered you would have to do it as a visitor not on your student visa, as you could no longer confirm where you were studying.

Best policy would however be to check with local immigration and how to change to a visitor status – especially if you had to show the course details and length to them when you entered japan OR the college needs to report your progress and attendence. Again, they will know your course has ended.. .last thing you need is to get a black mark for overstaying !! (may cause so many issues in the future and prevent you returning easily)

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