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Chris asks…

Why can’t the F1 student visa be renewed in the US?

My girlfriend is an international student from China and her student visa has expired. Why does can’t she renew her Visa in the US? It makes no sense to me that she would have to go all the way back to China to renew a US Visa. What’s the point or reason for this law?

Best Answer:

She can’t get a visa inside the US, period. However, as long as she’s in status as a student, she can remain in the US. If China was willing to issue American students visas for 5 years, we’d do the same. They aren’t, so we don’t. It could be worse, students from some countries can only get student visas that are valid for 3 months. So, your girl doesn’t have to leave, but if she does, she’ll need a new visa to return.

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