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James asks…

Martial status issue during Visa interview.?

I’ve my passport in my after-marriage surname along with the details of my spouse. However we are getting divorced on June 23. I’m also expecting my B1 visa interview in the same week.
If my interview takes place before June 23, I will be able to present my marriage certificate to the embassy. But if the interview dates are scheduled to after June 23, how do I present my case?
My appointment forms have my marital status as married, even my passport contains my spouse details. How do I handle this situation?

My purpose of B1 visa is purely work related. Both of US reside from the same city. I will be traveling only for a couple of weeks.
My reason for worry is if my interview is scheduled for a date after June 23 ( this day I have to surrender my marriage certificate to the court) and the embassy asks me to present my marriage certificate, I would not be able to and it would not justify my declaration as ‘married’ in the appointment letter too. 🙁
@ Both below: Thank you sirs for the answers.
I just hope and pray everything goes well during the interview.

Best Answer:

Agree with previous answer- if the purpose of your visa isn’t marriage-related, you don’t need to worry much about your marriage certificate. If you want, you could get a notarized copy of the certificate to take with you, along with documents supporting your divorce.

The only area that being married could affect would be your ties to your native country. A married woman would still have a husband there. But if you’re going for work-related reasons, you should have some documentation regarding your job and what you intend to do in the US.

All in all, I don’t think your marital status should affect your visa application, but I’m not the consular officer. Hope everything works out well for you. … Good luck!!

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