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Question About US Visa Status Issued

Joseph asks…

US Immigration issue?

Hi, I am a Swedish citizen who overstayed my US student visa in 2007 with 5 months and have not been back since.

Now I am planning on returning for a two week holiday around the New York-area (would be on the Visa Waiver Program). Do you see any obvious problem with me getting back into the US for these purposes? Also, do you know any way to find out in advance?

Many thanks,


Best Answer:

I am not sure whether you can get a visa waiver. I know that if you overstay a visa waiver you never can use it again and will have to apply for a visitors visa in the future, even if you don’t incur a ban. I would assume this applies to you as well as you overstayed a visa.

Though I guess it can get more complicated for If your I-94 said d/s (duration of status) you would only become out of status if you are before an immigration judge

You could try ESTA and see what it says…

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