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James asks…

Should I change my visa, or remain on L2, for higher studies?

I am in US on an L2 visa, as spouse of L1 holder. I plan to do higher studies here. As per L2, I am eligible to study in US, but my husband might leave after a year or my L2 visa might expire during the course of my studies. What should I do in this case? Should I change my visa, or remain on L2? Would it be a problem holding two visas or I’ll lose my L2 status? Will it be possible for me to renew my visa without my husband staying in US?

Best Answer:

As long as your husband is in the US there is no need to change status. If he were to leave and you
wanted to continue your studies, you would not need a new visa but would need to apply for
change of status to F-1. If you leave and want to reenter the US as a student, you would then need
to obtain the F-1 visa before returning. Whether a visa would be issued depends upon whether the consular officer determines you were eligible to receive it.

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