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Donna asks…

VISA ISSUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Now I got the U.S Visa card, and my Fiance is an U.S. citizen, and will get married there, after two weeks,,, Will I get green card??? will i get temporary or permanent ?? if its temporary … When will be permanent ???,,,,,,thx
okay now i think i will get that CR-1 ,as its a tourism visa, which allows me to get a temporary green card , till i get a permanent one after 2 years ,,, , right?
and actually we got married here in Egypt last September, but she told me that getting married there will make things faster.

1- does this temporary card allow me to work there
2- can i get my son over there who is 28 years old(unmarried)? or i must get a real permanent green card to do this?
3-does proving that we got married in Egypt make things goes faster?

ty so much =)

Best Answer:

What kind of “Visa card” do you hold? Your US-citizen fiance must apply for your fiance visa if you two are planning to marry. Fiance must prove sufficient earnings to support you, that you two have met in person, face-to-face, within the past two years. If approved, you may enter for 90 days. If you do not marry within the 90 days, you must immediately return to your country of citizenship. If you marry, you file to adjust status and obtain a temporary green card. It will take about 6 months to obtain the temporary (conditional) green card. Then you can start looking for work – if you can find anything when over 31 million Americans are already looking for scarce jobs!

Entry on a tourist visa is inappropriate for marriage. You would return home while your spouse applies for a spousal visa (CR-1 visa) for you. This typically takes longer than getting the fiance visa in the first place.

Marriage to US citizen only provides for a temporary green card, valid for 2 years from date of issue (not date of marriage). Proof of the validity & continuity of the marriage is required to remove conditions and obtain a permanent green card. If the marriage is not valid, does not continue, then the conditional green card is revoked and you must return to your country of citizenship immediately.

There’s a very high rate of marriage fraud going on, especially from certain countries. Plus international, cross-cultural marriages simply have a very high failure rate. And divorce rates in the US are really high anyway. If this is not a seriously committed “till death do US part” marriage, you will go home. Your commitment to a successful, enduring & happy marriage needs to be a far higher priority than your green card. Unless you are among the many who just want a green card rather than a solid, committed marriage.

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