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Sandra asks…

Canadian visiting US — No I-94W, no stamp How does CBP keep track of 90 days?

My girlfriend is visiting me and has been here for about 2 months. When she entered the US she got pre-cleared in Toronto and they never stamped her passport or made her submit an I-94W form. Being part of the VWP, they did of course swipe her passport. She would like to stay longer than the 90 days allowed. (she has no visa) When she does eventually go back to Canada, will they know that she had been in the US for longer than 90 days?
Could she go to mexico for a day and come back with a fresh 90 days? We live in SoCal so that would be a possibility…

Best Answer:

Actually, Canadians are not part of the Visa Waiver Program. They have a unique, visa exempt status, and are allowed to stay up to 6 months on entry rather than 90 days. You can confirm this with USCIS in your area or by contacting the consulate in Toronto. Check out their website at

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