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Carol asks…

immigrant visa type I130 -?

My mother applied it for me when i was still single. I didn’t expect it until i finally heard it was approved. Now, I’m already married, can i still make use of it as a visa to enter the US? This year, me & my family are planning to visit the US to attend a special family ocassion. What visa are we going to apply?

Best Answer:

No one can really say based on what you’ve said here. It would depend on a variety of factors. Was your mother an American citizen when she filed the petition? If so, the visa category changes from F1 to F3, and in many situtations that changes the priority date as well, so you might have to wait longer, but at least the petition would cover your husband and children. If she was a legal permanent resident when she filed, is she an American now? If not, your petition became invalid once you married. If she did become a citizen, which came first, your marriage or her citizenship? If the marriage came first, the petition is invalid. If her citizenship came first, you would again be in the F3 category.

As for what visa you would apply for, that would depend on whether your immigrant petition is still valid and if it’s current. You can check out the Visa Bulletin at to figure that out. If it’s invalid or not current, then you would have to apply for tourist visas, like most folks.

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