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Sandra asks…

How do I get just a visitor visa for my Husband?

I am US citizen and he is Egyptian. I am going to live in Egypt and he has no interest in obtaining a green card and moving to the US. How do we go about getting a visitor visa so he can visit in the US to visit my Family? I can only find information online for green cards. Thanks
Thanks to everyone for your comments. Regardless of how ignorant, shady or stupid they were. There sure are alot of misinformed and dishonest people. And I don’t like when people waste my time. We figured it out on our own. But I appreciate prairiegrassland’s comments and info. My Husband has an appointment at the embassy in Cairo, because that is what he needs to do. He also has all the proof he neds to show that he neds to continue to live here and run his business, etc. He has several businesses here in Cairo, with many good business associations and friends, as well as strong Family ties. Why on earth would he ever want to move from here??! He loves his home, and so do I! So the rest of you, go back to studying up before answering, please!

Best Answer:

Your husband needs a B-2 visitor’s visa:

Since he is already married to you and therefore eligible to apply for a green card, it shouldn’t be hard for him to get a tourist visa if you two can prove residency in Egypt through home ownership or permanent jobs.

Edit: Do NOT take another respondent’s advice and omit the fact that he is married to a US citizen. If he gets caught lying on a visa application, not only will the application be rejected, but future visa applications have a greater risk of being denied. Unless he’s got a criminal record or something else that would disqualify him from getting an immigrant visa, there’s no reason why he would immigrate illegally using a tourist visa, so there’s no cause for suspicion. If you two have solid connections to Egypt, then you shouldn’t worry. Whatever you do, don’t lie or omit relevant information that can be verified, like marital status.

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