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Robert asks…

I have a type D visa for Switzerland. can i enter other Schengen states?

I am an Indian & I recently got a type D Swiss Visa saying ‘Valid for” : Suisse.

I want to know whether I can legally enter other Schengen states for not?

Best Answer:

Yes, you can legally enter all other Schengen countries. Http:// ..

The EU Visa Code will apply from 5 April 2010.
The Regulation will allow third-country nationals holding a long-stay “D” visa issued by a Member State to move freely in the territory of Member States for 90 days in any 180-day period, under the same conditions as the holder of a residence permit. This will put an end to the difficulties third-country nationals had to face when legally staying in a Member State on the basis of a D visa and would restore the basic philosophy underlying the area without internal borders, i.e. That a person can travel within that area for short stays with the document on the basis of which he or she is legally present in a Member State.
Http:// ..
Http:// ..

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