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Sharon asks…

Does getting a visa means that passport is machine readable ?


Do they scan your passport at the embassy when applying for visa, and therefore getting a visa means that the passport is not damaged and machine readable ?

Best Answer:

A visa is pre-authorised permission to visit a country for a purpose (the type of visa)

Today all visas are Machine readable
and almost all passports are also machine readable.

Machine readable just means it has 2 rows at the bottom of the page
(ID page in passport, the visa page for a visa)
and it is printed in a way that a machine knows how to read it.

Go check your ID page in your passport. It will have 2 rows with lots of >>>>>> on them.

In additional to the traditional machine readable pages
The US has encouraged (and now demands for visits to the US) a Chip readable passport – with an electronic ID chip – contactless readable.

Http:// – Machine readable passport

It is now applied to National ID cards also in many places.

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