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David asks…

US Visa Questions – Moving?

I work online, next year I will be graduating and leaving for the US.
I am skipping college, I make a living online.

1)When would be the appropriate time to apply for a Visa if I want to move in 2014 July?

2) I don’t have family in the US, can I pay someone to sponsor me?

I work for myself, no boss.

I want to live in the US and start a business there in addition to my current one.

Best Answer:

And what sort of visa were you thinking of applying for ?
There are many.
Http:// – Visa types – as a list

But it sounds like an investors visa,

although the intention is to create US jobs, not just be an excuse to sit in the US and work elsewhere or for yourself only.

‘wanting’ to just reside in the US, is not in itself a reason for a visa.
Opening an office, or doing substantial buisiness (already) with US companies might be.

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