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Question About US Visa Waiver Countries 2014

Donna asks…

What countries can I fly to from the USA and then return back to the USA for another 90 days?

I have been in the US for almost 90 days but would like to stay longer so I can spend more time with my family. I have an ESTA visa which doesn’t expire until mid 2014. What countries can I fly to from the US and then return back to the US and be elligible for another 90 days stay in the US?

Best Answer:

It’s not going to work out well for you at all you if you try this. Visa Waiver isn’t intended to be used to live in the US. If you try to fly out of the US and then fly back a day or a few days later, that’s exactly what it will look like, and not only will you be denied entry under Visa Waiver and sent back, chances would be very good that no one would issue you a regular tourist visa either after that. Very few people can afford one 90 day vacation a year, much less multiple ones.

In reality, there is no legally established length of time you have to remain out of the US before you return under Visa Waiver, but the sooner you return, the more questions you can expect at the airport.

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