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Robert asks…

US Visa Question? please help..?

Im going on a trip to New York from school for a week, im 14, i live in the UK and im a British resident but i have a polish passport. Do i need to get a visa to go? Thanks in advance.

Best Answer:

Yes, you will need a B2 tourist visa. You can verify this by going to the 1st site below . Enter your Nationality ( Poland), enter that you are an alien resident of the U.K., enter the destination, and click for the info. Poland is not on the list of visa waiver countries for the U.S., so you must have a visa. This will take at least a couple of months and a good bit of work to get. What the Embassy interviewer will want ( yes, you must have an interview) is to be convinced that you will return to your home in the U.K. You will need to have a parent with you , and take a letter from the person in charge of the school trip explaining the trip. You must start by going to the site below. You will need your parents’ help with this. Fill out the forms on-line, then print them out. Get your documents together. Follow the directions on the site to call and make your interview appointment. The interview is only 1 or 2 minutes long…and , as I said, their BIG concern is proof that you will return home . The site will tell you how to go pay the visa fee before the appointment and bring the receipt with you. Good luck to you…I hope all works out well.

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