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Question About US Visa Waiver Program

Ruth asks…

Why doesn’t the US change the misleading Visa Waiver Program name?

My sister-in-law was supposed to visit from overseas today to help my wife for a couple of weeks. She bought a last minute ticket and had to pay a cancellation penalty at the airport since she did not do an ESTA application. Why does our government commit misrepresentation with this program? It should be called the Electronic Visa Program instead of Visa Waiver Program!

Best Answer:

Well since you can apply for ESTA at the airport and it usually processes in less than a minute, there seems to be more to the story than we’ve been told.

And it is a visa waiver. To obtain a visa, you need to apply months in advance and often have an interview at the US Embassy or consulate.

And of course, when travelling from country to country, one should always read the requirements beforehand.

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