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Question About US Visa Waiver Program Israel

Mandy asks…

Israel joined the Visa Waiver Program? true or false?

A friend of mine called me and told me that he read in the newspaper today that Israel has joined that US Visa Waiver Program and soon we will be allowed to enter the US up to 3 months without a visa.
Is that true?
Prove it !
MadMan — I been told that there is an agreement betwen Israel and the US to let Israeli ine without a visa, its didn’t start yet, but soon we won’t need a visa.
This website is currect, MadMan. We still need visas to enter the US but they announced that they are canceling it from what I heard. HOW I FIND OUT??
The US announced yesterday that Israeli will join the Visa Waiver Program. The only problem that prevent US from joining is that the US said that the Israeli passport are too easy to fake and alot of terorist will fake them and enter the US without a visa. So when we will have biometric passports, it will be impossible to fake them and we could get into the US without a visa.
The Israeli minister of foreign affairs and minister of treasure announced that Israel will have biometric passport very soon (in 2009).

So Israel is not in the VWP but in few month we will be.
Get ready to have 1million Israelis in your country.

Best Answer:

This would not surprise me the least bit. Some of the highest and most influential positions in government are filled by persons of Jewish belief.

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