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Daniel asks…

Visa Waiver Program + Marriage?

My Canadian boyfriend and I wish to marry. He is here in the United States on the Visa Waiver Program (his 90 days will expire on January 4th). How can he obtain permanent residence and/or a work permit? If possible I would like him to stay here instead of having to return to Canada.

Best Answer:

It’s true that Canadians don’t use Visa Waiver. Instead they are visa exempt, which means they just don’t need visas for most temporary visits. Instead of 90 days, they are normally allowed to stay 6 months when they visit the US for tourism. If it was 90 days that would expire in October, not January. If you do marry, you can file an I-130 immigrant petition, an I-485 adjustment of status form and an I-765 work authorization request along with some other things, and that should allow him to get residence status and a work permit without leaving. These things should all be filed together, although it will cost over $1,300 to file everything. Check out for more information and downloadable forms. And be sure to read through the instruction sheet for the I-485 in the forms section. Lots of important information for you there.

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