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Question About US Work Permit Benefits

Susan asks…

Immigration For US Citizens?

Why does any developed country in this world dont offer immigration (permenant residency) to US citizens?Unlike EU/EEA and UK (work permit free) arrangements why US doesn’t have any such arrangements with anybody?Its very very hard for US citizens to migrate to Canada its because they dont consider US as a developed (first world) country. Canada have free medical and comprehensive free retirement benefits whereas US have highest unemployment rate and sinking economy (sinking USD).You pay more tax you get more in return.Even if u are unemployed you will get benefits in Canada.We all pay less taxes in US but we dont get anything (no medical).Tax in California and NYC/NJ is currently same as UK and Canada.But we are getting nothing. Its better to pay few thousand dollar more but at least get back something.

Best Answer:

The US has never had free medical care and has been involved in foreign conflicts for decades. Why did you bother immigrating and living here long enough to naturalize as a US citizen if you don’t like the way we do things? You’re free to renounce your US citizenship and return to your native country anytime.

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