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Jenny asks…

is my foreign passport with US visa,green card and social security card qualify me for the new york permit?

Best Answer:

New York Driving Permit?

Yes. New York has a 6 point system for name, requirement of proof of social security, and requirement for proof of date of birth (which is only satisfied by US immigration documents, so it’s pretty much legal status / legal presence requirement).

You need to bring the following:
Green Card OR Foreign passport with an I-551 stamp – 3 points and proof of date of birth
Social Security Card – 2 points and proof of social security

Then you need 1 point for name (you cannot use both the green card and visa, since NY DMV will accept only one USCIS document per application) (one of any of these will do):
Debit card – 1 point
Credit card – 1 point
Bank statement – 1 point
Utility bill – 1 point
High School Diploma or GED – 1 point
High School ID card with Report Card – 2 points
College ID card with transcript – 2 points
Health Insurance card – 1 point

Full list of acceptable document can be found here:

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