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Question About US Work Permit Form

Helen asks…

Bringing Fiance to the US (Form I-129F)?

On the first page under #10, there is a check box that says Parents and nothing else. What does that check box mean? I don’t know whether to check it or not. Thanks.

Best Answer:

I am a matchmaker and founded When marriage results, my couples often ask advice on how to accomplish immigration, and reunite in the USA

Only US citizens are permitted to apply for a Fiancee Visa using the I-129F. To confirm your eligibility the form asks you to confirm how you obtained your citizenship.

Your choices are:

Birth In USA: (anyone born in USA is automatically entitled to US citizenship)

Naturalization: (you were born outside the USA, then immigrated here and applied for citizenship, If this applies, you also state where and when you had your naturalization ceremony and provide the number on your Naturalization certificate.

Parents: (you were born outside the USA, to US parents, entitling you to US citizenship, if this applies you should have a Certificate of Citizenship, or Consular Proof of birth Abroad you provide the number from this Certificate.

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