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Question About US Work Permit Restrictions

Susan asks…

Am SAP Consultant & US Citizen with possible contract 6+m in Belgium, are there any restrictions?

Hi Sa Thie, I am trying to find out if there are any Visa or Work permit one would need ?

Best Answer:

I would love to help you (if I know the answer) but I don’t understand what you want to know.

What kind of restriction do you worry about? Can you possibly re-phrase your question or add detail?

As a US citizen, you need both visa and work permit.

Work permit:
In your situation as you will work less then 12 months, you need a permit B. (permit A is for unlimited work, permit C for special cases such as students, refugees, etc)
This permit will be automatically issued once your employer gets the authorisation to employ you.

Then you need your long-stay visa (more then 90 days). All the documents you need are listed on the website of the embassy of Belgium. Http://www.diplobel.US/TravelingBelgium/Visas/Employees.asp

There is also a good site to find a lot of info about Belgium. Http://

Just for finding a flat in Belgium, this is the best site

I wish you good luck with all of this.

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