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William asks…

US work permit visa for my husband?

I have a H1-B visa and I am working in US now. But mu husband is in India and I am really confused about how to bring him here along with me. I don want him to come on H-4 as dependants will not be allowed to work and its not fair to ask my husband to quit the job.
So is there a way to bring my husband here and see that he gets a job here as well. Please let me know your valuable suggestions.

I have been breaking my head for the last 2 months on this issue and valuable suggestions would be appeciated.
Also how do the wife’s who come on h-4 manage to get a job in US

Best Answer:

I have an hi-b visa and as far as i know, the laywer who make ur papers should know about the legalities involved in how to bring him.

When u got ur visa, u should have included him to come over with you, my uncle’s wife was able to work under that visa, i dont see why not, or at leasst i dont know details but there is no issues with her working under that type of visa.

Ask the attorney who made ur first papers for the work visa.

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