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Sandy asks…

Merchants Mariners Document and US Work Permit/Visa, Pleas help?

Please offer any help you can. My husband works as a Deckhand/AB Seaman on supply boats/offshore vessels, etc. He was placed in the GUlf of Mexico earlier in the year for a short contract. At that time he did not need any documents allowing him to work in the US. A different company is interested in him coming to work for them but there is a requirement for him to obtain a Merchants Mariner’s Document(MMD), which is a document related to his type of work, and also a work permit/visa. What type of work permit will allow him to work temporarily in the US? How long does this take to obtain. How long does it take to obtain the MMD document? Also, how do we even begin to get these documents. The company isn’t so sure about this and is looking into it for him. What costs are involved? Please any help you can offer US would be EXTREMELY helpful.
We live in Canada.
Would he be considered an immigrant if he is just coming to the US to work for a period of time??
He is licensed to work as a deckhand/AB here in Canada. He has his university program for this and is completely 100% qualified here in Canada.

Best Answer:

Oh wow. Well, first of all, does he HAVE an AB ticket from another country. I don’t see how he was working as a deckhand/AB unless he was licensed.

Getting a MMD takes a lot of time and not a little bit of money. Can your husband just work on a “Z” card, which I KNOW he had to have

The Dept. Of Homeland security also has a new required document they told US about in a meeting in Morgan City back in February, but the last I heard they were holding off on implementing it.

I’m just not exactly sure what kind of paperwork your husband was working on but I can tell you for a fact, they are tightening up the requirements… Even Cooks have to have a “Z” card now and there is a requirement that EVERYONE ON BOARD if the boat goes past the Colreg’s Line MUST HAVE PASSPORT.

Have your husband talk to the company and see if they are any help. I know a number of people who COULD help but I wouldn’t want to commit them unless they agreed… And I think I know what they would say.

Anyway, just wait until the first storms hit the gulf and there will be so much work for everyone in the Oil Patch that the companies will be looking the other way at the rules.

I’m off right now and the boat I was running is being sold, but I may be coming back to Port Fourchauon when the new boat is bought… Right now… I’m just getting up late and having my first margarita of the day with my scrambled eggs.

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