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Jenny asks…

Help filling in visa application for India? US cit in UK.?

I am a US citizen/passport holder living in the UK. I am applying for a visa to visit India. It asks for “Country from where migrated” and I have no clue what to put there. Also, besides a hotel where we will stay, is there an american agency I can use as a one of my India referees? Cheers.

Best Answer:

You only need to fill out the “country from where migrated” field if you were naturalized as a US citizen (i.e., you were born in another country and immigrated to the US, where you later became a citizen of that country). If this is the case, you would put the country you left upon immigrating to the US.

As for the second part of your question, you don’t need to fill in the referee section for India if you are applying for a tourist visa. If, for some reason, they insist on you filling out this section, it should be fine if you list just the hotel. (Or, if you’re staying at more than one hotel, list two of them.)

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