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Donna asks…

Problems with US Visa?

my friends brother has recently had his B-2 holiday/vacation visa denied to the USA.
He is 24 and english with a single criminal conviction which is why he cant get an ESTA.
He also has OCD and social problems, leaving him very shy and nervous, after being in foster care for over 15 years.

His interview at the embassy lasted 3minutes (2 hours waiting and £130 cost!) as they said he only wanted to go to the USA with the intention of working over there as he has not had a job since he left school – when all he is doing is going for a holiday. He had all his documents (flights, hotels, car hire) with him, but due to his issues, he didn’t show them and the officer was rude and abrupt with him.

What can be done as this doesn’t seem quite right to me that someone with these issues can be put into a situation like this, thats not really fair for someone like him.

PLease help/advise what can be done?
Thanks a lot for your help 🙂
Thanks a lot for your help 🙂

Best Answer:

Essentially US immigration law requires an applicant to prove to the satisfaction of the interviewing officer that he has strong ties to his country and will return after a short stay. 2-3 minutes is about average for an interview. There are too many people applying to give most folks more time than that. Perhaps the officer was rude, but given your friend’s state, perhaps he interpreted the questions and demeanor as rude. Hard to say really.

No one has a right to a tourist visa under US immigration law and not too many long term unemployed applicants can afford a vacation to the US, making his intent more difficult to understand. The criminal conviction might be an ineligibility on its own, but probably isn’t as it sounds like your friend was simply turned down under 214b as he wasn’t able to convince the officer that he isn’t an intending immigrant. If he had been ineligible based on the conviction alone, I’m sure the officer would have told him so. The officer isn’t a social worker and can’t be expected to give your friend extra consideration for his particular problems, which he was likely unaware of, and neither would your immigration people with the average American presenting himself for entry to the UK. In any case, assuming your friend isn’t legally ineligible as a result of his conviction, all he can really do is try again, and this time show the various papers he failed to show the first time. However, chances are he’ll be turned down again, unless he can do a much better job at presenting himself the next time.

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