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Question About US Work Visa For Australian Citizen

Mandy asks…

US Work Visa for Australian citizen?

Hi there,

I am interested in obtaining a short term (12 month) US working Visa. I am only 19 years old so my qualifications are limited, but after a recent trip I would love to live experience more of the US. I am also a singer/songwriter which I would like to attempt to take further, the opportunities for this in Australia are limited. I already know I have someone I can live with in the US so would working part-time for 12 months be unrealistic? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Answer:

You will probably be eligible for a 12 month working holiday visa in the US. It’s more difficult for Aussies to get one for the USA than it is for them to come to Australia, but it’s not nearly as difficult as it first appears. They demand sponsorship but it’s actually really easy to get from many different places. You’ll definitely need to have completed year 12 though.

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