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Michael asks…

Does a US green card holder need a visa to enter UK? (Lebanese citizen)?

I am a Lebanese citizen (with an ordinary Lebanese passport)
I’ve been told I don’t need a visa to enter the UK for few days if I have a US green card, but I can’t seem to find an official link that confirms this.

Any thoughts?
Link to a UK government website that confirms your answer would be great!

Many thanks

Best Answer:

First of all I have no proof for my answer but nothing what I can find contradicts this.

Lebanese citizens are “VISA nationals” according to the UK. Therefore they must have a visa to cross the UK border. It sounds very strange that the US can dictate UK immigrations, I don’t think that this trust relationship exists. Even permanent residents in the EU (foreigners) don’t have a “carte blanche” to the UK.

However, and this is where I think the misunderstanding is. Normally when a citizen of Lebanon takes a flight to the US, and there’s a connection in the UK. They must have an “airside” transit visa. Just to transit to the next plane, not even crossing UK border.

The exception is, if this person has a green card in the US, no transit visa is required.

You need to contact an UK embassy in order to get all the facts.

What I can say is that don’t book your ticket before you resolve this as you may lose your money.

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